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Afinity Crashing Frequently, curve autto/zoom-clipping, & moody presets

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For Windows
Brush: Ink (included with download brush)

Today I've run in with a lot of (counting on four) sudden program closings within an hour and a half or so. Just... gone- the window just disappears as I'm working.
I've also been trying to get the presets to stay on a specific brush and color, but the most it keeps is the color of the stoke (I'm not using fill). (I've tried reverting defaults and syncing multiple times, won't keep the brush.)
Curves also seem to auto-clip. I've noticed they manually change shape at some bends/between points by shape with the brush I'm working with- my issue is different though: depending on how I've zoomed on the curve, the appearance is different. It could be connected by a solid line at one percentage, and have sharp missing points/breaks in the line at others.
(Some examples below.)

vector break-clip 2.png

vector break-clip.png


VECTOR BREAK-clip B2.png

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Hey DC.,


We know about the latter part of your issue. You can sometimes work around this if you change the Mitre from the Stroke Panel.


As for the crashes, are you using the Pen tool to draw the lines at all? We've seen a high RAM usage when adding lots of nodes with the Panel Tool so it might be that. If you're just brushing, can you bring up Task Manager and go to Performance and see if your Memory is climbing up when you're just paining normally. 

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