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Make any finger-touch pan the canvas when pen input is in use

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Summary:  Designer treats finger-touch and pen-down as the same thing.  It would be so much better if touch events (including single finger) were used to pan the canvas, rather than "click", if a pen is being used.





Just got Designer, and I love it already! 


However, using this on a MS Surface, the application has an annoying inability to distinguish between pen and touch input.  From other drawing apps, I've become used to a very natural paradigm where the pen acts as the selected tool, and touch input is used solely to move the canvas (or in some cases, to select).   Probably the best, free, example to illustrate the former case is Plumbago: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/plumbago-a-microsoft-garage-project/9nblggh5gk42    Once you start doing the "draw, move, draw, move" action it's very hard to go back to something else.


Unfortunately, Designer treats both finger-taps and pen contact as "mouse down" event, which is really annoying when trying to draw something large on a zoomed-in view.  For example: I'd normally pen-down, drag the control-points out, pen down again for the second point, then pan the canvas along with my finger, then pen down for the third point, and so on.  However, doing this on Designer results in a spurious point being added when I try to drag the canvas.


I know that two-finger-drag will move the canvas, but it's not as natural a gesture (and it sometimes zooms rather than drags).


So, my feature request is this:  allow a separate tool function to be assigned to screen-touch events when a pen is in use.  By default, that could be the "Hand" tool, to move the canvas, although I can see a use-case for object selection being the "touch" function.  


The simplest implementation, though would be to use touch events only for canvas panning automatically as soon a pen is detected.  This may need to be controlled with a manual "off-switch" to revert to the current behaviour, but I don't think many users would want to draw with the fingers of their non-dominant hand when they've a pen in the dominant one. 


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