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PIXEL SNAP with 8x8 grid and 8x8 brush

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Hey Im using Affinity Photo and I'm doing some pixel art.

I'm using a brush that is 8x8 pixels. My grid spacing is 8x8 Pixels with no subdivisions.

I was wondering if there is a way snap to grid but have the brush jump from grid square to grid square.


So now I want the bursh just to snap to each indidvidual 8x8 grid space so every time i click its going to fill an 8X8 square within the bounderies of the grid. So my 8x8 brush always lines up with the grid.

If i hold down shift and click on three points I want it to comes out like the image on the left. 

But right now I am getting the result on the right.

I've played with the snapping setting but I can't quite figure it out.

If anybody knows how to set this up please let me know. Thx

pixel test example.JPG

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Hi dueyvee,

Welcome to the forums :)

Unfortunately there is no way to do this with an 8x8 grid and brush, as there is no snapping option for grid fill only however I believe I have a workaround for you!

If you create a document and add a 1x1 pixel grid, turn snapping on with the preset of pixel work, and ensure 'Move by whole pixels' is ticked.
Select the pixel tool and set it to 1 pixel in width. You can now create your pixel art as you wish above, with the brush only filling full pixels in the grid.

Once you have finished the design, select Document > Resize Document. In the pop up window, check that the padlock is activated in between the two sizes and type '(pixel width)px*8' into the first size box. This will times the document size by 8, keeping the original aspect ratio. Change the resample to Nearest Neighbour and click resize. This will turn the 1x1 pixel art back to 8x8 for export. I've included a short video here of me following these steps. Hope this helps!

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