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Hello Dan,


i have juat soent sone time reviewing the forums regarding Photo supporting any third party stylus. It’s clear since 2016 your customers have requested this support. I myself need to replace an aging stylus. I took the time to review my option then check to see which stylus Photo supports. I was shocked to see so many customers request this but not a solid response from the company. 


I have ave an older IPad AIr 2 for my edititing, I am waiting for the new Pro to be released. Instead of stopping my editing because of needing a new stylus.  I would have guessed there was another supported one for Photo but nope there is none. 


So why since 2016 have you as a company decided not to fully address this issue?  Photo works on IPad Air 2, Apple Pencil Does not. Many other stylus will work on IPad Air 2. Seems logical that you would assist us as customers to full address this issue. 


Is it cost? Is it a plan to not support the IPad Air 2 in the short future? So it makes investing in options for 3rd party stylus mute? 


Then this brings up the question at the top of the thread. What about the most recent competition to the Apple Pencil? Why not have a solid plan to either support the Pixel Pro or a legitimate reason not to? 


Photo was creatated to offer an option for people who wanted full features that Ps did not want to offer on IPad. So is that the only inovation Photo is willing to make? Why stop there? People are different, not all like the Apple Pencil. Why force them to use it if they like another product with Photo. They like Photo so why lose a customer and the social media exposure over refusal to support a stylus? 

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Hi Keahi,

Welcome to the forums :)

As can be seen in this post by one of our developers, Tony, all other stylus support requires a considerable amount of additional development.
Unfortunately we are only a small company, meaning it is not related to cost but we only have a limited development team and they are currently reworking the tools within the software as well as creating and implementing new and exciting features and continuing to provide support and updates to ensure the best user experience possible.

This does however mean that areas such as stylus support are not currently at the top of our list. Our developers have never given a concrete answer regarding compatibility, as we will never reject an idea that is possible for the future, but we would not wish to provide timescales which are unobtainable and that we cannot guarantee.


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I would like to add my voice to the list of users that would like this feature. Adonit and Wacom make great Apple Pencil alternatives. I personally prefer the Adonit pixel. Please support this in a future update or even offer it as a paid add on to help you guys recover the costs of development. Customers could buy the add on for their stylus of choice as long as it wasn’t crazy prices. 

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