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Remove orange/yellow lighting from image

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I have a photo taken outside that the top-left area (and some middle) contain an ugly and darkening yellow-orange light while the top right half has a natural sky-blue light. How can I fix the yellow light to look more natural or more like white LEDs? I tried the recolor tool on Desktop, but it just does not seam to work right (In the first place, the recolor tool on Desktop is missing tolerance). Then I thought I could separate the yellow spectrum of the photo, didn't work well and the mask/map I could not figure out how to use it (It has been ages since i've used a photo editor).


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You can reduce yellows with HSL Adjustment (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>). Unfortunately it does not have tolerance/target adjustment either (like in PS) but maybe it is good enough.

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Hi Grimofdoom!

There are a few ways you could do this and the final decision will come down to your workflow and editing preferences.
In my case, I selected the affected area using the selection brush and created a mask from the layers panel. I then un-clipped the mask from the image so that it was it's own layer. Now for the colour shift, under Layer > New adjustment layer > Selective colour adjustment. In the open dialog, lower the opacity slightly and then change each colour channel to produce the desired effects. I set opacity to 80% and the Reds, Yellows and Greens colour channels all to 100% Cyan, -80% Magenta & -80% Yellow.
Select both the mask and Selective colour adjustment in the layers panel and group them together under the right click menu (or use CTRL/CMD + G), this will mean the colour adjustment only affects the mask area, but the mask does not hide the rest of the image.
Please see my short video here to see this in action.

Another option is to open the image and switch to Develop persona. Use the Overlay paint tool with a hardness of 0% to 'paint' over the area you wish your development changes to affect and then use the sliders on the right to adjust your image until you are happy with it. I lowered the exposure, raised the blackpoint and then shifted the white balance towards a cooler temperature. Once you are happy with your changes, hit develop to commit the effects. One thing to note when using the Develop persona is that the changes made are destructive to the image, unlike the masking option above. See this short video here.

Of course, due to the way Affinity (and photo editing in general) works, there are other ways of creating similar effects in your image and you may find a different way works better for you :)

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If using a HSL adjustment layer, switch to the Yellows channel and drag the Saturation Shift all the way down

If you want an even greater reduction of the Yellows just duplicate the HSL layer as shown in my screenshot.

Since the HSL layers are effectively masks you can paint in Black on these layers to remove the effect from parts of the image if required.



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