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Hi guys, so I'm still relatively new to Designer and I've been having a bit of trouble lately, I'm creating a logo and I need to snap some shapes around, I'm trying to get this triangle to snap to the long part of the other one but it won't capture it as a snapping point, could anyone help out? I'll attach a screenshot




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the only way i could make it snap is to convert the smaller triangle to curves, select all 3 nodes an drag on the larger triangle

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In this case, if the small triangle is just a reduced-size version of the large one, you can try this little "trick":
* Drag the ST (smaller triangle) so that its bottom corner snaps to the bottom corner of the LT (larger triangle);
* Hold down SHIFT and drag the top corner of the ST that lies on the hypotenuse of the LT up to the position you want it;
* Keeping SHIFT held down, drag the bottom corner of the ST along the hypotenuse until it's where you want it.
The attached video might make it clearer.
Does this help?


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If you click the button to Show Rotation Centre

You can move the Rotation Centre of the small triangle and it will snap to the hypotenuse of the larger triangle

Make a note of the X & Y values in the Transform panel

Reset the Rotation Centre back to it's default setting

Then change the X & Y values of the small triangle to those noted earlier

(It would be nice to be able to "automatically" move an object to the new Rotation Centre after you have moved it's centre but I cant see a way to do that - anyone?)  

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Some quick notes on rotation:
* You can reset the Rotation Centre of an object by double-clicking the rotation centre marker.
* You can reset the Rotation of an object by double-clicking any corner handle when the cursor changes to the rotation cursor.
* There's a "Reset Rotation" menu item in the contextual menu but that relates to the Artboard and not the item that was right-clicked (that can be a little confusing at first).

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