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Undo brush malfunction

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I have the same problem.

I can go back in the history and get the desired result.


But when I use the Undo Brush with that same history step selected it would paint some other (rotated) version of the image.


Attached are some steps:

- the image with its layers

- paint on the background layer

- select the Undo Brush and the goal in the history

- Undo Brush result


Even after deletion of the history and merging all layers the result is the same.






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Here is how I could reproduce it:

  1. Start Affinity and load a new photo (just from photos)
    There are no history steps (loading a photo should be one), so lets produce at least one:
  2. Select the brush tool with green color and make a stroke (our first history step)
  3. change the color to red and make another stroke
  4. select the Undo Brush and select the camera icon of the first step in the history (the green stroke)
  5. --> The Undo Brush paints an image that is rotated by 180 deg (if it was a landscape image) or rotated by 90 deg (portrait)

(also note that in the protocol the icons are not correct)


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On 27-3-2018 at 10:53 AM, MEB said:

Hi blue_heron,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This seems an issue related with the EXIF orientation/data of the image.

Are these images from an iPhone? Can you attach one of them please?

I’ve been able to reproduce the same using the undo brush tool on a portrait oriented picture. Using the brush reveals the picture 90 degrees rotated clockwise. Picture was taken on an Olympus camera. I’ll try ripping off the exif info to check whether this helps. 

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