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some problem with painting

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Hello. affinity team.


Thank you for making awesome app.


I use affinity photo ipad 2days for painting. But, I have some problem with painting.



The use of undo and colour picker is too inconvenient and the painting time is too slow.



I hope I can use colour pickers and undo easily.


I think it would be nice if you can do it with a simple two finger tap or similar action like other apps, and a colour picker would be better to have a button in a good position to use when using a brush.


The ability to adjust the position of the interface is also helpful.


I'm sorry I can not speak English well. Affinity Photo is a cool app.


Thank you.

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Hi honeyappa,


Welcome to the forums. 


The colour picker has got an "auto apply" toggle. With that off, the colour picker would just store it in the top right colour swatch in colour studio. If you want to apply this to the brush, you would have to tap on it. However, if you turn the "Auto-apply" on, as soon as you pick a colour it would make it as default for the foreground colour. 


As for the gestures, at the moment we do not support the tap-to-undo gestures. At the moment, the 2-finger-tap would open up a dialogue, and you can undo from there. 

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Thanks for the reply.


The painting function that Affinity Photo has seems to be enough.


i hope i use affinity photo for practical affairs.


But the uncomfortable interface is very disturbing. Please consider the interface.




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