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Batch process - offset white balance by fixed amount

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I have a set of several hundred photos with varyiing white balance settings. I would like to offset each photo by adding 400 degrees K to it. Can I do this in batch and if so how do I go about it? I have very little experience with batch processing.


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Hi Chrisd,


Welcome to the forum.


I believe you went to process RAW files, as we do not have the option to set the WB in K for non-raw formats. You can set a batch job for your images. You will have to open up an image in Photo Persona, add a WB adjustment ( It will not have K though, only +/- % ). Record a macro and set it up to the right value. Add the macro to the library and you will be able to choose that macro when you run your batch job. 



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this will be difficult to handle via batch processing for photos with varyiing white balance settings, the reasons therefor are the following...

  1. The white balance functions in the Develop- and Photo Persona use different temperature setting values. Meaning, in the RAW Develop Persona you setup the WB in kelvins and in the Photo Persona you have to use instead percentages. - Though you can say that a value of 400 kelvin would be probably around -5 % temperature there then.
  2. You would have to make and use a macro for WB changes. But AFAIK you can't record macros inside of the RAW editing Develop Persona so you would instead have to reuse a recorded macro from the Photo Persona mode for applying WB changes.
  3. Even if you could record a macro in the Develop Persona for a WB change, the initial macro when recorded on an image, would always have an evaluated fixed kevin value (image default kelvin plus the added 400 kelvins) as a value. Meaning here, that macros sadly don't (re)evaluate the settings applied in text fields when played, they just take the fixed values they've been recorded with.

So as you can see from the above points, there will be a bunch of hurdles you would have to fight with. Thus it's IMO better to use some scriptable RAW converter for these tasks, which hopefully would allow then via scripting support to tweak the WB setting for bulk images.

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In order you want to try dealing with a WB macro here are some approximately WB kelvin in percentage temperature values as a starting point ...

Candlelight  1500 K   -100%
Light bulb     2800 K   -34%
Lighting        3000 K   -25%
Dusk             3500 K   -4%
Sunlight        5600 K    35%
Cloudy sky   7000 K    51%
Fog / haze    8000 K    60%

... NOTE however that a recorded macro from the Photo Persona mode for applying WB changes, would suffer here from the same value settings issues as indicated above in my previous post. Namely that it won't (re)evaluate the settings applied in the percentage field when played back, it will probably just take the fixed values it has been recorded with.

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