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1. When making a selection on a raster layer, how might I resize the selected region? E.g. If I’ve started drawing too large and want to reduce the size of the elements I have drawn to fit in the feet for instance.


2. When drawing I often find that if the side of my hand rests on the pad surface, I mistakenly select a new color. As I tend to be working on the grayscale, this usually means I switch from black to white. I can’t quite work out what shortcut I might be hitting!


Advice appreciated



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Hi njakeman,

You can either add or subtract from this selection using the smart selection tool brush, ensuring you have the correct settings in the context toolbar. If you are looking to resize an object then you can select it in the layers panel and re-size it using the nodes on the object.

If you are using an Apple Pencil, then you can disable touch except for gestures in the App preferences. Click the 'cog' icon in the top right corner then Tools > Touch for Gestures Only. This should hopefully help with your workflow.

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Thanks Lee. 

I already had the touch settings, but I’m still hitting some sort of shortcut to pick a new color. Must be a gesture based thing.

I can’t recreate it - only do it by accident!


For the resize question I may not have explained myself well...

Imagine I’ve had drawn a circle that I then want to be half its original size - so not the size of the selection, but the ratesterised area I’ve selected (not a vector object)

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