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Pedro Suárez

Problem exporting svg file with Affinity Designer

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Hi guys,


I created a logo with Affinity Designer and then decided to improve it by adding some outer shadow effects to the layers and groups that are part of the logo.


I exported the logo as svg file but when I uploaded it to my site the shadows were not displayed and on top of that part of it got blurred.


I opened the svg file with Affinity Designer to check whether it was a problem related to my browser or not but it happened the same. 


Then I checked that by deselecting the outer shadow effects the problem disappeared.  


Do you guys know anything about it?


Probably I am doing something wrong. I am relatively new on graphic design.


Find attached some files for more information.


Many thanks in advanced!



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Hi Pedro Suárez,


Welcome to the forums!


Layer FX aren't vector I'm afraid so they will be rasterised on export. If you go to File > Export > SVG and then click the More button then under the Rasterise dropdown menu select Rasterise Nothing.


This should appear better for you :)




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it could be because you have created the shadow in the group.

i ungrouped and selected all elements of the loge an created a outer shadow .

now i looks ok.


intel core i5,  16GB 128Gb ssd win10 Pro Huion new 1060plus.

philips 272p 2560x1440px on intel HD2500 onboard graphics

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