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Scott Williams

Photo crashing windows

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Hey RamaBot,


As far as I know, we only use virtual memory when you are maxing out your RAM. Do you find the app is consistently using all the available RAM in the machine? What are your specs?


Have you noticed any particular patterns as to when it might crash? Are you working with raw files and if so, what type?

I'll pass the crash report over to the dev team for you to see if they can point out exactly what might be causing this. 

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Hi Chris.


Yesterday I was having crash after crash. I pinned it down to just zooming and panning a 6000*4000 image.

It was completely repeatable. I could get the crash to happen in a few seconds.

I also checked and at no point was I maxing out the ram. So it couldn't be virtual memory.

Then I switched to the warp renderer and all was stable. I couldn't repeat the crash.

This was starting to smell like a graphics driver problem.

So I updated my graphics driver and presto,the crash has gone.


I have been working all morning without a single problem.


I apologise to the team. As a software developer of over 35 years I should have been more thorough and methodical in my testing before blaming the software.


I am now back in Affinity Photo heaven :)


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