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Freeze on Export with Google Drive File Stream

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Hey guys! I've recently started using Drive File Stream to get files on demand to save some SSD space on my MacBook Pro. Both Affinity apps seem to be working nicely with this, until I hit the export persona. When I go to hit export I get a spinning beach ball freeze. If I copy the file to my desktop and export from there, no issues. Anything you all could check into?

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Hey smallreflection,


AFAIK we do not have an account for this so we need to go about setting one up. It looks like it is a subscription based service which might take a while to get approved if my request is accepted. I was going to try the trial however it seems like you need to put in legitimate details for a genuine business with a registered domain etc. 


I'll give you an update once I find out what we're going to do about it. 

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