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Hello everyone,


When I use any of the Nik Plugins there is a tonal difference between the image as edited in the plugin and when returned to Affinity photo.  The shadow tones are lighter with less contrast.


This is whilst editing 16 bit TIFF, Prophoto RGB files imported directly from Capture One 9, but have also used Affinity's RAW development with the same results.  I recall reading somewhere that NIK software was optimised for the Adobe RGB colour space so I tried that.  It made no difference.


My PC is running Windows 10 and the monitor, a BenQ SW2700PT, is calibrated using an i1 Display Pro.


Any ideas would be great as the problem is effectively rendering the plugins unusable.




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Thanks for the information.  Hopefully, this will be an issue that Serif will address in the future.  It's not going to be a problem for me.  Since switching to Affinity I've rarely felt the need to use anything else.


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if you are competing with others it would be a good fix for all users.


This renders many plugins useless, Viveza 2 etc if there is no colour profile being passed and the image is out of sync.


This should be an easy fix for you.


I have just purchased Affinity and find this limiting in my workflow.

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