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AD : Ability to save "Area" in export preset -- or define a default Area setting

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When designing PowerPoint, Keynote, E-learning courses, etc., I do my graphics work in Designer (of course). I usually have an artboard dedicated to icons and graphic elements, in addition to creating titles & headings. All of these are exported as PNGs, to be used in the other apps.

As I work, I do a lot of rapid-fire exporting. I don't always have organized layers, so I work best by selecting elements/groups on the canvas and using the Export shortcut.

The Export panel pops open to PNG. But it always defaults the Area to the artboard I'm on. What I need is Selection without background, and I have to use the drop-down to get it. And when I have a lot of artboards, the drop-down list gets long, and opens to different positions depending on what board I'm on.

Area isn't saved with presets. In my workflow, constantly having to drop down and scroll adds a lot of friction.

Is there any way to either:

  1. Have the Export panel open with the last-used Area
  2. Save the Area as part of a preset
  3. Define a default Area

Any of those would be very helpful!



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Export persona makes separate exports of items possible (F1 help file)


Don't use an artboard at all.


Create new>file(make it a big area)

After creating items>select item>export to individual images by selecting the  area-option "Selection without background"

Here you must do it for every single item or grouped designs



Win10(1903)Home / Photo / Designer / Publisher & latest (beta) versions

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Hi Hans, thanks for your reply.

I realize the Export Persona can export layer groups, slices, etc. But I'm not always working with fully-organized layers. Also, switching to Export Persona and then clicking/dragging/selecting items or layers and then exporting, is even more steps than simply drag-selecting what's right in front of me.

Re: your second comment -- the process you describe is what I'm already doing. Having no artboards reduces the length of the drop-down list, but now the Area defaults to "Whole Document," so I still have to use the drop-down to choose "Selection without background."

Ultimately, it's about having the Export Options panel simply open with the last-used Area, or being able to specify a default Area selection.

Unless those are possible and I'm missing it, I'd like it to be considered a feature request.

Thanks again,


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