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from other software I'm used to enhance the sky when it's overexposed and the color has been shifted to turquoise. Select the sky, use HSL, shift color until it's blue, decrease brightness and increase saturation. This works fine in JPG-Iluminator and Photoshop Elements 14. However when applying the corresponding settings in Affinity Photo, increasing the saturatin has no effect.

Enclosed please find two screenshots demonstrating this issue.

Best regards - Ulrich

HSL Affinity.png

HSL PSE14.png

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Hello Ulrich,
just an idea, you may have selected a layer below and not the layer you want to edit. The changes only affect the active layer.


Affinity Photo :   Affinity Photo-Beta :    Affinity Designer  Affinity Designer-Beta

Affinity Publisher-Beta       Windows 10 Pro  (Version  1809 Build 17763.557)


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Hallo toltec,

that's perfect, many thanks for this hint.

I looked this up in Wikipedia and understand it when viewing the cylinder models: When lightness is 1 in HSL, the color is white and when increasing the saturation it remains white.

This was very helpful, thanks again! 

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