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Welcom to the Magical Mystic New Kingdom LongHeartStone I finally Broke free from Hasbro


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With the kind words and the influence of others  they inspired me to think big, break the chains that Hasbro limits me to,  and come up with a new Kingdom and put my character Crystal Frost in it... 



 So In Honor of those people I came up with a New Kingdom of my very own,, and put Crystal Frost story in The kingdom that I created ... Yes I came up with this massive wave of ideas  on my own, within 4 days... Even made a song and a little jingle too... 

The Magical Mystical Kindom LongHeartStone...

The kingdoms in my lands Majestic, Beautiful, yet very powerful. Full of mystic Magic and Wonder..

Meadow Cove.. The lands of the unicorns , only a few Pegasus ponies live among the unicorns, where on the top of the hill near the rockey cliff of the sea stands a tall majestic beautiful stone castle. Where a Majestic And Beautiful Allicorn Queen named LightRay decorated in a beautiful birthmarks Ruled all over the lands of LongHeartStone.. She has twin sister named Gypsy Mist Rose who is jealous of her twin sister Light Ray who has been chosen, by their father King Brave Rock Hoof, to rule all the lands, whom sadly passed away. Out of jealousy of her sister, makes a secret plot to take her out of power , so she can claim the throne and rule the land.. She has a secret crush on Blizzard StormHoof, she is even more jealous of her sister when she finds out he loves Light Ray and can't stand her, this just makes her even more jealous to get her sister out of the way..

MountStoneMore a land covered in clouds that blanket the earth and float low to the ground Ruled by a Unicorn Prince named Storm Cloud Stone. Some of the Pegasus are not happy being ruled by a unicorn, so this can cause a situation to occurs.. Some where so unhappy with their Prince being a unicorn that they moved to Meadow Cove, they rather live under the rule of a Pegasus pony even though the queen had a horn She at least has wings.. The Pegasus Flight Express is a Mail delivery service hat runs all across the lands.. Pegasus ponies sending mail all across the land of Long Heart Stone. The Pegasus pony names Letter Heart Shower with her team of mail winged ponies deliver letters and packages all across the lands..

A graceful waterfall that flows down into a giant really deep lake that flows out to sea... Moon Mist Valley ruled by the Merpony Queen names Sea Mist Swirl.. Her subject the merponies, have magics healing powers, they heal the earth dwellers and the creatures of the lake, a few did wonder out of their safe kingdom out to explore the sea, however sadly never were herd or seen from again..

Bloom Green Fields a beautiful luscious land, scattered with farm fields, close to the end of the land a tall classic old castle made of Stone Ruled by an Earth pony Prince Vine Tree with magic mystic healing powers that helps rejuvenate the land , preserving the nutrient of the soil to keep the vegetation fresh and healthy.. Tree Top Hills is a small lumber village nestled inside this kingdom... And our story starts. this is were Crystal Frost Mother was born...

Cavern Caves is the home of the Bat ponies Ruled by the Bat king unicorn Name Wise Wish he has the magic to help ponies wake up from their dreams, and appear to them in a magic mystic cloud, to give wise advice and guidance.. When Night Wing is let go from his duty in the Wild Lands, and with Star Shine being more pony, dragon like her dragon pony mother, yet still have bat pony blood.. Her father moves to Meadow Cove . To live among the Unicorns and raise his daughter in their new home....this creates an uneasiness to some of the locals who do not like living among the bat ponies...and with Star Shine being so different from everyone else.. Wise Wish has a Major crush on Light Rays twin Sister Gypsy Mist Rose, however she finds his realm creepy, and has no desire to b his queen and live in a cave.

Flame Mountain, Land of the Deadly and Dangerous Dragons Ruled by a Strong Dragon King named Storm Cloud Stone an island with a large volcano into the middle of it surrounded by small islands where dragons claim their territory. Some times battles occur fighting for the best islands to nest and make their homes.. After all Dragons main Food source is Fish. .however they sometimes venture in the wild lands for the rare tasty treat of ponies. Since the odd pony has the misfortune of wandering off from the lands of the ponies into the Wild Lands.. This is the home of Crystal Frost Father Skyler.abandon at a very young age, and being bullied a lot by other dragons he leaves his home land and journey to the Wild Lands

Lands Of Sand a Kingdom in the middle of a desert, Ruled By a Dashing yet Bragging Wealthy Camel Pony Prince Named Sand Stone... His subject are the camel Ponies that roam the lands and live among the sandy desert.. He loves Exotic Strange creatures from different lands and pays handsomely for strange exotic creature, the more rare and exotic the better..

An Alicorn King named Blizzard Storm Hoof where he ruled the kingdom Frost Snap Woods, his Subjects the Ice ponies. obsessed into turning the beautiful kingdom for LongHeartStone to a frozen land of ice and snow. Blizzard Storm Hoof has a major crush on Light Ray and is obsessed to make her his Queen.. He sings too.

She will be mine yes siree
She will be mine you will see,
A beauty like she
A handsome like me
she will take my hand,
we will rule the land
You will see..

What a crazy obsessed stalker... Well You need a crazy in every story.. I guess..

In this frozen world you have the The polar ponies with their Male leader Paw Claw that lives with the ice ponies, and the snow rabbit ponies. With their Female leader Lucky Hoof Fluff .. Who are smaller ponies in size yet they are just as important too..

Islands of Sly. , an island right in the middle of the kingdom, rules by A Dark Unicorn Snake like Queen named, Shimmer Slither she is Jealous of Light Rays many Beautiful Birthmark, and her lack of birthmarks, and send her minions the snakes ponies to cause trouble in the kingdom

We have the Wild Lands bordering the kingdom of LongHrartStone. In this land the creatures live wild and free no one lives here only wild creatures whom have not evolved. This is the place where Crystal Frost Parents go to have her and raise their baby pony dragon hybrid foal together...

Ocean of Waves, a underwater realm teaming win pony dolphins Ruled by a Dolphin Prince names Wave Tide

Deep Sea Turf teaming with shark ponies, Ruled by their king Chomp Crush he is very jealous that the earth dwelling ponies love the Dolphin ponies and try to stir up trouble a lot..

A Deer Wing Pony Guardian Called Bark Hoof that keeps order in the forest called Pine Tree woods teaming with wildlife. Then you have the small wing bee ponies with their Queen Lady Stinger who lives in a giant hive on the largest tree in the Pine Tree Woods.. Lake Camp Cloud is a small filliy and foal Camp site near a lake shaped like a cloud.nestled close to the Wild Lands in the forest of Pine Tree Woods..

.The Fox Pony bandits with their leader named Sly Fly , that are crafty sly creatures who like to steal from the ponies and fusion ponies all across the lands..

Turtle Pony princess named Shell bell that ruled the sandy beaches of Palm Tree Beach Leaf.. Where her subjects come and go ..

The Jungle of Jungle Vine Ruled by a Gorilla pony unicorn King Named Strong Hold ,
The wing Parrot ponies with their Prince Feather Hoof they too live in Jungle Vine. the Parrot Ponies feel they are better that the Gorilla Ponies, because they have beautiful colors and that the birth mark is more colorful than their plain one...

The Plain called the Flat Water Hole. Ruled by an old Zebra King named Stripe Wize, his daughter Lady Sunrise Shine has a major crush with prince Storm Cloud Stone, however her father forbids her marry him

And the Frog ponies that live in the swamp. Called Swamp More Ruled By their their beautiful frog pony princess Lady Lilly bloom

And the tiny flyimg spider ponies, ,Ruled by their king Web Ward whom are feared because they look too creepy.

..........Here is the story about the birthmarks of the ponies...........

And the birth mark idea is great, ponies can be born with a birth mark anywhere on their body., some can even be born without one.. And be made fun of because of them being birthmark less.. Only ponies of royal blood are born with more than one birth mark. When Star Shine come to class with 3 birth marks the ponies are consumed with jealousy, she is so misshapen because of her physical looks , the ponies are really mean to her,, only ponies with more than one birthmark are royalty , she is not of royal blood, seeing her with more than one sparks jealously., so it is because of this as well she struggles to try and fit in.

...........The Traditions and holidays of the ponies.... .....

Fall Time .... The Festival of lights and the harvest of fun. Being a special event for ponies all across the lands, celebrating the truce of the lands, traveling from afar coming together celebrating the season of harvest.

Winter Time.... The holy tradition holidays of the ''The Star of Life.'' Where the ponies celebrate with their close friends and family. Decorate a tree and exchange gifts with close friends and family..
Winter Time ... Winter Chill Fest a wonderful day to celebrate the wonder and beauty of winter

Spring Time... Birth Mark Day of celebration... To kick off the first day of Spring..Where they have dancing, games and Prizes.Contest and fun. Some of the foals and fillies would tease the unlucky few, who are birthmark less.

Summer Time.. Kicking off the first day of Summer with Splash Day. A day of fun in the sun..

........The seasons Night and Day.............

Alicorn Queen Light Ray the Alicorn when the last day of Spring ends she lest off a Golden light that shines all across the land bringing forward the days of Summer..

Earth Pony Prince Vine Tree When the last day of Summer ends he lets off a magic glow of orange light that shines all across the lands bringing forward the days of fall

Alicorn king Bblizzard Storm Hoof when the last day of fall ends he Lets off a magic glow of white light that shine all across the lands bringing forward the days of winter

Unicorn Prince Storm Cloud Stone when the last days of fall ends he lets off a magic glow of blue light that shines all across the lands bringing forward the days of Spring.

The MerPony Queen Sea Mist Swirl controls Night that bring forward the moon..
The Camel Pony Prince Sand Stone controls the Day bringing Forward the Sun..

These 4 are the main characters that control the seasons in LongHeartStone.. They are responsible to keep the balance of the seasons and share this important role..

These 2 Main Characters at the ones responsible to keep the balance of night and day in the kingdoms an all the lands
Everyone will have a unique special role in my world, and no matter how big or small They all have a special uniqueness of importance within the kingdom

Orphanage called Hope Blossom run by a beautiful yet very Humble Unicorn called Gypsy Rain ...for the the fillies and foal's who have no home, or they been abandon . Or they were found parent less.. She has a crush on Prince Vine Trees however she is just to shy to tell him how she feels..
Here is an example of one of my character Flame Heart...
She is a unicorn, she loves to dance, be a tease at times, and loves to hula hoop. she loves ribbons in her mane and flowers in her hair.. She became orphaned when a mysterious diseases, in her town, Rain Drop Falls, kills the older ponies, leaving only the young ones left, to fend for them selves. The guards from , were dispatched to the communities and towns that were most affected by this unexplained illness, to find any Survivors, She was one of the many young foals/fillies found. She was sent to live in an orphanage in Meadow Cove..

A New Villain named . .. A unicorn Dark Cloud... with mystic magcal , Jealous of the ponies with birthmarks, he steals the birthmarks of the ponies and places them his special Scrapbook..

Bubble Blue is a pony... Unicorn with one long birthmark cluster of bubbles on his front right hoof

Swirl Shine.. Is the Son of Sun Swirl and Star Shine.. a very unique yet powerful unicorn mixed with his parents Physiques.. He is born with 6 very unique one of a kind birth marks..

..........Here is the song that starts the story of my magical beautiful unique land......

Our world is shattered,
in pieces it is true,
We do not see eye to eye,
We all stick,
in our own view.
True we are all different,
We do not look the same
Yet we all on, one world
It's time we share the plan..
So listen to me,
why fight when we are one.
So much has happened,
to the land and to the Sun.
We need to unite together,
to protect our families.
Yes it true our lives are different ,
We must stand with what we know.
But there is a better way
If come and follow me
Let's unite together
And set our spirit free.
So let's joint together
In hoof's and in our hand
We must work together
To help protect our lands .
So much has happened,
Lest stand as one
standing tall
To unite together
Ever Shine and Free

What do you think of my magical mystical Kingdom LongHrartStone.. Do you think it is creative or not creative enough ? . Is it different from Hasbro ideal...? Or not different enough...?

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