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[APh] Application crashes when restoring Snapshot in Embedded Documents

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Steps to reproduce, on Windows 10 16299.248 and Affinity Photo

  1. Create a new Affinity Photo document, which will be the main document
  2. Create a second Affinity Photo document, add something (a piece of text, a brush stroke, etc) and save it somewhere
  3. Drag the just created second document file into the main document, thus embedding it
  4. Double click the just embedded second document, add a Snapshot, close the document window
  5. Save the main document and close it
  6. Reopen the main document
  7. Double click the embedded second document
  8. Try to restore the Snapshot in the said second document
  9. Affinity Photo will crash

The saving and reopen main document seems to be crucial, the Snapshot restoring works fine if you don't save the main document.

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