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More options for document resize

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By looking the other forum topics I've learned that resizing by percentage is possible by directly writing 50% instead of the pixel value.
I also learned that to find out which value is the height and the width, I have to hover the mouse over the values because it's in the tooltip.

I think it would be good to have hints for these options somewhere on the GUI. I also miss a list of the common sizes I could choose with one click, instead of writing values.

By comparison, please see the Resize dialog of the IrfanView. It's a little overhelming at first sight, but every option is clearly labeled.
The old and new values are there, no guesswork needed.
The most common options are accessible with one click.

I think you could use the ideas there to make the Affinity resize dialog more straightforward.


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Agreed; the silent 50% interpretation is very useful but there's no visual prompt or hint to encourage users to try it. I spent a few minutes hunting for % resize modes in the various resize dialogs before giving up and coming here.


IrfanView's Resize dialog is pretty great, though I wish some of the things like standard dimensions presets could be modified more flexibly.


In AF, the various resize algorithms could also benefit from being better explained.

Hello world.

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