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Free hand Selection Tool options not working (Photo

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[UPDATE 2]: Resolved. See my post below. It appears to have been a caching issue with the program itself during upgrade. My steps to reproduce and fix it are also there. Cheers.

[UPDATE]: Just went to a previous version and have the same issue, but hadn't used the took in quite some time. Am I simply trying to use it in a way it's intentionally not being enabled? :/


On the latest Affinity Photo (v1.6.4.104) on Windows 10 64-bit, the free hand selection tool won't let me select the polygon and magnetic options, and I can't select a mode (add/subtract/intersect) either.  This is the case on background, new pixel layers, rasterized layers, etc. There is no interaction. It's as if they are simply unselectable, even from a UI interaction perspective.


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Resolution and possible issue found

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I'm not sure what you might be doing, but those options of the freehand selection tool work fine for me using on Windows 10.

-- Walt

Windows 10 Home, version 1903 (18362.356), 16GB memory, Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00Gz, GeForce GTX 970
Affinity Photo and Beta   / Affinity Designer and Beta  / Affinity Publisher and Beta

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Again, the freehand tool works without problems,
may be that you apply the freehand tool on a selected mask layer?


Affinity Photo :   Affinity Photo-Beta   :    Affinity Designer  Affinity Designer-Beta

Affinity Publisher-Beta   Affinity Publisher    Windows 10 Pro  (Version  1909 Build 18363.476)


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It turns out it appears to be a program cache issue, probably do to the upgrade.


Steps that led me to this problem:

  1. I was on and had the "Light" setting on (if that possibly has something to do with it).
  2. I saw the upgrade option to and upgraded without uninstalling the previous version.
  3. I couldn't use the polygon, magnetic or mode options (they simply wouldn't select, and the modes looked disabled)
  4. I uninstalled (I believe restarted) and then installed again, but the problem persisted.

Steps that resolved the issue:

  1. I uninstalled all my Affinity programs
  2. Restarted
  3. Deleted Affinity directories in the registry
  4. Deleted Affinity directors in "App Data" (including the temp setup files)
  5. Installed of both Photo & Designer
  6. The UI is back to "Dark", but everything works properly, even if I switch it to the "Light" UI.

Based on that, I think there was a caching issue from either the registry or in App Data that caused the bug as part of upgrading.

But now I'm up and running again like new, with everything working well!

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Added resolved to the top for attention of the resolution approach.

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