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The Spirit Stone and the Spirit Demon Villian

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 The Beautiful yet Deadly Soul Stone.. looks like a Beautiful, Smooth, shiny stone. the pony is lured into holding it into his hoof. as he feels the luscious smoothness, and admires the dark deep colors . He is obsessed to keep it into his hoofs... As his hoof grip tightens, as to not let the stone go, his body starts to adsorb into the stone...
The Soul Stone starts to grow and morph into a demon like pony creature,  a light orb, the soul of the pony, seen trying to get away, is quickly sucked back to the spirit demon like pony..

then the spirit demon awaken from his slumber fades off into the deep woods, looking for its next victim .
The Soul Stone once it is picked up and consumes its first victim, it turns into a Spirit Demon...

This spirit demon lives off absorbing the body of its victims and consuming their souls, it has the power to shape shift and it lives among the ponies.., it has the power to possess objects and lure the victims mostly baby ponies and young ponies by possessing their favorite toys.  it consumes only Unicorn Earth Pegasus and Alicorns ponies young, old, even expecting Mother's to be as well..

Being a demon he is very crafty, and know how to keep well in hiding.. and how to blend in..

Unlike the Dark Shadow creatures he is immune to the light.. He can go out at day or night..

They have no enemies however they compete with dragons for food, dragons eat ponies however spirit demons need ponies bodies and their souls to survive...
there is no known way to defeat a Spirit Demon, however the only way to stop him is to starve him back to his dormant state...when his time runs out to feed,  move and live among the living , he is sucked back into the spirit stone there he stays dormant until  another pony  victim find the stone and is consumed by the stone and the Spirit demon is free to roam and feed...

 Quick brief story very errie and dark..  Granted this Villain is perfect. For the story about Crystal Frost...
Crystal Frost mother is an earth pony, and this misshapen creature stalks her to absorb her body and take her spirit.. he fails in his attempt to consume the expecting earth pony. in the past he took the lives of ponies even the ones that were pregnant, it snarles hissing at her,  very hungry, not understand why it can not feed off this pony. Not knowing that her unborn baby half dragon, immune to the Spirit Demon, protects her mother from this dangerous deadly creature.. when the father Dragon Appears it sees the dark vile creature hissing and starling wanting too feed off his love, he attacks it and the creature backs off and  slithers back into the woods. and fades. looking for another victim to feed off...
Through this vile creature the tale of the pony snatchers is born. Not fully done however wanted to sow my WIP... And share the creepy tale of the Pony Snatcher Like creature...


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