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Pixel Snapping does not work properly

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I love working with affinity designer. Especially for screendesign. But no matter what i try to configure, text fields, shapes and images always have coordinates like 700,7 or 2,4 Pixel. everybody knows that there are no half or .4 pixels. This really annoys me because when i try to check the space between two objects it does not say "80" but "79.7" and that is stupid.





Why does the software work like this? I have every option turned onUnbenannt2.PNG.89a24d97e8e16e9a3ed66168eed65460.PNG


I always have to manually change the x and y position to a whole Pixel. But i dont want to :(

Please please please consider this issue.


Thanks a lot!


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Hi frank.ziski,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The only setting that matters here is the first icon on the second screenshot (Force Pixel Alignment). Disable the second icon as it will keep the decimal values when you move/scale objects (it forces the movement to whole pixels so if the object's X'Y coordinates or its dimensions have decimal parts and you have this enabled when you try to scale or move the object the decimal values will be kept).


Regarding images and text: these objects have natural/fixed ratios and because of that it's not possible to keep their dimensions to whole pixel values without distorting (or cropping) them slightly. Currently Affinity does not distort them. A few users already have raised this issue and suggested that we force pixel alignment in all cases even at the cost of some distortion (or cropping in the case of images) but there's no news yet regarding this.

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Thanks for the answer. Well i dont want the software to distort any images or texts.


My solution is this: The Hint for spaces between objects should just show the rounded Pixel Value. That would help a lot. I dont care if the actual space is 79,7. Just show me 80 and i am a happy designer.


And one for thing for the space hinting: the actual size of that hint is very small. I have a display with 2560 x 1440 Pixel and i have to look very close to see the Value. 

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