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Export of jpg & Tiff files results in cropped images

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I have just updated to version and am experiencing a problem I never had with the previous version.

This defines the problem.

I import a DNG file. and then crop it. No other adjustments, I then export the file as a PSD file, a JPG file and a TIFF file.

When i open the PSD file in either Adobe elements or Lightroom I see the whole cropped image. ie the image I had cropped in Affinity

When I attempt to open either the TIFF or JPG file in Elemets or Lightroom I only see a portion of my cropped image. It is as though It has been cropped again.

Attached are 



Original DNG.DNG

Exported PSD.psd

Exported TIFF.tiff

Exported JPG.jpg


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Hi RogerK


This is due to the now infamous embed metadata options not correctly storing resized image data. If you untick this option in the more section of the export dialog it should export fine. PSD doesn't suffer from this which is why it appears fine



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Hmmm yes the metadata options are really infamous. But why are they still enabled by default if these problems cannot be resolved?

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Thanks for the rapid response Chris_K .
Opera has a good point. I would have though not enabling, by default, the embedded metadata option, would be a simple remedy to the issue.

Critically important to new users of the Affinity program who might not be comfortable using the blog to find a fix and then walk away from Affinity

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