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Android tablet as context-sensitive input ?

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I'm a total noob with both Affinity Designer (purchased yesterday) and my Wacom Intuos tablet, but as I tried to doodle a bit, I found it more than a bit frustrating that I would need to reach for my mouse, then find and click incredibly small buttons to do something as simple as, say, switch to a different colour or brush.

It occurred to me how incredibly useful it would be to be able to use the off hand to give context-sensitive commands on something like my Android tablet. This could all but eliminate the need to reach for the mouse or keyboard!

Is there anything like that available on the market, or being planned?


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Welcome to the forum jpgygax68 :)


We don't have an app that can do this on Android or iOS. AFAIK, we currently have any plans to create one, sorry. 

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