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[By Design] AP Select Alpha range after Perspective Filter

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Hi there,


after applying a perspective filter, select alpha range (both fully and partially) does not work in spite of lots of transparent areas.

When you try the opposite, select opaque, the complete canvas gets selected, including those 100% transparent areas.




select alpha after perspective filter.PNG

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It gets even more strange when you manually select one of the transparent triangles and use inpainting. In this case., inpainting is applied to the original pixel layer, totally ignoring the perspective filter. The flase result is then displayed, with usage of the perspective filter.


On top of this, pixel errors occur (blue dots and lines), and drawing errors at 100% zoom.

select alpha after perspective filter 2.PNG

select alpha after perspective filter 3.PNG

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It does work like it should right here.

Perspective>apply>rasterize>select by transparency>grow selection>either impaint or fill and option impaint


I guess you think its a magic button to have the impainting work on such big transparent areas.

Impainting get's the info from the remaining pixels and tries to fill it with this info.

If it were a sky or sea or sand with uniform colors it would do a better job.

But with the amount of info in your picture,it seems impossible to have a good result.




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HI NotMyFault


This is because the perspective is applied as a separate live filter layer. The pixel selection made will depend on the layer you have selected in the layers tab. So although the view of the image appears perspective distorted, the actual pixel layer is not (ie turn off the perspective filter to see this). So in your screenshot you have the pixel layer selected which has no transparency on it. and you still have it selected when you inpaint so it will inpaint on that layer. 




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