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Application slow response with file

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I am having a bit of a problem with an illustration. I get the old beach ball when doing simple things like select objects, and in general it is very slow and continues to get worse over time.

It is a large file (over 6 MB) with a lot of objects. 


Any thoughts on how I can look into this matter further? I am starting to force restarts which is causing some time/data loss.


Because this illustration contains intellectual property I can't upload to the forum for anyone to look at, but if someone offically supporting Affinity wants me to send it directly in an email (if it's not too big) I can do that.




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On 3/7/2018 at 4:47 AM, Chris_K said:

Hi befehr


Would you be able to upload the file that is causing you issue using this link so we can take a look into it?



Did you guys get a chance to look at this file?

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21 hours ago, MEB said:

Hi befehr,

This file contains a huge number of objects. Do you have snapping enabled? If so disable it if possible or reduce it's scope disabling options you are not interested in.


They ARE huge, as most of them are. Many originate from a Solidworks DXF file. We then "simplify" (remove unnecessary redundant geometric) then modify as needed. 

When importing a DXF into AI, I use a simple script to reduce anchor points (I used to do this in DRAW too). It does help the reduce the file size, and it's something I wish AD had.


So, it looks like I will still have to rely on illustrator for my heavy work (while at work), and to produce a clean and editable EPS files for upload to stock sites for my personal work. That kind of leaves my relationship with Affinity strained.

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Yeah, I get what your saying MEB.  I don't have snapping turned on. There is also a refresh rate issue when zooming in and out. Not sure if this is related to the file size (or number of objects) or not. BTW, this is on my macbook, I haven't tried it yet on my imac.


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