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Stroke (inside) - fill is visible

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Hi guys,

There has been a bit of a nasty bug, and I thought I posted it, but it seems that I forgot.


Basically, if you draw a circle, give it a color (blue for example), and then apply a a stroke to it, let's say white, and align it on the inside, the FILL color will be slightly visible around the edges of the circle. Which is really mot that good :) This is pretty important, since right now we have to find workarounds, so it would be great if this would be fixed for the next Beta version.

I also attached a file that shows exactly what I mean




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Hey chris.bannu,


This is a bit of a known 'issue' that has been ummed and ahhed about since Affinity became a thing. It is sort of by design but it sort of isn't/shouldn't be. Other apps work around this. Looking at recent exchanges between customers, QA and development, it seems this might actually be changed at some point. 

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