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Import problems with Apple Motion 5.4

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Hey guys! terrific job with the updates. Love the software...use it on a regular basis.

One thing I love about affinity is that I got to make a really good combo with apple motion. That way...I was able to free myself from Adobe in every way (no more photoshop and no more after effects).

The thing is that since I've updated to affinity photo 1.6.7 PSD export from photo to Apple Motion is broken :/. I've tried the 3 different modes and no luck. It just imports an empty canvas. That's sad because PSD is the only format that I can use because it does support layers (when it use to open them..anyways). I've also tried to export in EXR format (layered) but I got an error message saying I couln't.


I know it's  this affinity 1.6.7 because this issue is new to this version...it worked perfectly with the previous version. 


Can you guys give me a hand? I promise I´ll post a youtube video on how to do motion graphics with affinity photo and motion if you solve this for me ASAP.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Best regards.



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Hey Ben,

Sorry to hear this. I've just asked someone to give this a whirl on their personal copy of Motion because I don't have it. Someone will get back to you shortly. If it is an issue, we'll get it logged with development as a potential regression.

Cheers :) 

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Hey Ben, Chris asked me to look into it - Motion seems to import PSDs fine here using any of the three presets (I thought preserving editability/accuracy would cause an issue, but apparently not). This is using the latest MAS 1.6.7 release.


If you could attach the sample document that's not importing correctly that would be ideal - if not, however, a screenshot of your layers panel would be equally useful (with everything expanded so we can see nested layers etc).

Affinity Photo Video Tutorials - Affinity Photo for iPad Tutorials

Looking for a manual/documentation? Check affinity.help for online help!

@JamesR_Affinity for tutorial sneak peeks and more

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