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how to check an limit ink coverage in Designer or Photo ?

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How to limit the ink coverage when generating a file for printing ? In photoshop, that's easy : Print Production--> Output Preview --> Total Area Coverage


(i need to limit it to 220%)


How to do that in Affinity Designer or Photo, to prepare the file for my print worker ?


Thanks !

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Never really heard of a 220% limit. Even for newsprint.


That said, there are no tools in AD/APhoto to specifically target ink limits. With vector files, it is easier to limit one's work as it is being made. But for images, nothing I am aware of. And there wasn't in PS up until I stopped updating, either. One can set/view the ink limits, but it was always fiddly to in-application massage an image manually to be below a threshold when that threshold is so small.


Ink limits are generally the domain of the output ICC profiles and or ICC profiles used for force such a conversion. The print establishment should be providing such an ICC profile as it isn't an off the shelf profile that I know of. One can make a profile in PS, but that only really works out when one has PS to begin with. It's been a while since I did it (which was for a 240% limit for Blurb). So you would need to Google it.


pdfToolbox can show ink densities, but that is after the fact of PDF creation.

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