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Deadly dave

Resize lmage (layer) in document

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I am having trouble resizing images in a document. I am trying to create one document with a number of different images on it and I am having problems. I am using the move tool as I can see no resize or scale tool. These are my problems

  1. grabing the corner handles. Most of the time affinity wants to move the image layer rather than resize it no matter how many time I try
  2. specifying the size I want the image layer to be
  3. constraining or not constraining the proportions.

i am new to affinity on the iPad but have photoshop experience, and I am sure there is an easy way to do this, help


much appeciated

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Hi Deadly Dave and Welcome to the Forums,


The only time i find it tricky to select something with my Finger is when the image is really small, that's when it gets tough to select one of the corner handles.  I normally work with the Apple Pencil and haven't had any problems moving things about.


To specify the image size, place the image at a round size and then use the Transform panel you can alter the Width and Height to an exact size.


Affinity should already be constraining the image when you are dragging to resize.  If you don't want to constrain then just place a 2nd finger on the screen before you start resizing the image.

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Hi Deadly dave,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Regarding the point 1, just a little tip that may help: when dragging the corner handle (or other handle) place you finger a little outside the bounding box area near where the handle is located - don't pick/drag it taping exactly above its location. You should be able to scale the object reliably this way (hopefully).

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Thank you stokerg and MEB,

both extremely useful.

Stokery, found the resize in the transform menu, works easy and well except I want to work in mm not pixels. Is there a way to set preferred units to mm?


the constrained and unconstrained works both ways ie, additional finger on switches from constrained to unconstrained and vice versa.... easy......


MEB yes now I can resize image with out frustrating hit and miss grabing at the handles. I imaging an Apple Pencil provides additional accuracy for this.


much appreciated!


really enjoying getting my head around basic editing raw files and laying out on my iPad, it is much more relaxing and convenient than a laptop

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