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Where do the files save to on my mac?

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Halp please  

I have never been able to find where my affinity documents have been saved to, and so have always relied upon the 'recent files' with fingers crossed- but now I can't find any of them at all. I can't even begin to think of all the work and business branding I would have lost if this is not resolved...

Any suggestions as to where on a mac they disappear to? Nothing has ever saved to the affinity iCloud so not there. 

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In a Finder window's left hand panel, select the volume where the files should be (probably the OS volume for most users) and then type (without quotes) "af" into the search field at top right of the window. A list including Affinity document types should drop down from the search field, so click the appropriate one.





The search can be saved as a Smart Folder for using later.


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