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Could you help me with some questions below regarding using ICC profiles:

1. I can "Assign ICC profile" or add layer with "Soft Proof Adjustment". Do I get exactly the same result When I use the same ICC profile in each of these two options? Are there any differences/implications in further work with photo when use each of these options?

2. There are different lists of available profiles in "Assign ICC profile" and "Soft Proof Adjustment". Why?

3. How can I sort (by names) profiles on the list of ICC profiles for "Soft Proof Adjustment"?

4. Is it possible to switch off using default profile (U.S. Web Coated) just when I open "Soft Proof" window?
I want to pick target profile on the list and look how it changes photo from source profile (change from U.S. Web Coated isn't interested)?

5. Can I watch photo with applied two different profiles in two separate indows side by side?

Best regards

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Hi Faflusniak,


Please see the below answers :)


1) The result isn’t the same. Assigning a profile will change the colour values in the image relative to what they mean within the new profile. Soft proofing changes values that are outside of the gamut and is used to proof your work, typically when you’re delivering to a format with a smaller gamut (e.g. print).
2) The Assign profile dialog lists display profiles and custom profiles (e.g. if a printer adds its own profiles). Soft proofing displays all of those, but also lists print profiles and linear variants for many profiles (these can be used in 32-bit).
3) You can’t, unfortunately…
4) No, it defaults to that profile. You could however record a macro, set your desired profile, and use that.
5) Try separated mode if you’re on Mac. (I don't think Windows has a separated mode as it is more commonly a feature of Mac Apps)

Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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5 minutes ago, Callum said:

5) Try separated mode if you’re on Mac. (I dont think Windows has a separated mode as it is more commonly a feature of Mac Apps)

Windows does not have separated mode. However, users can drag an image out so it floats separately from other images, or float them directly, which makes it possible to have multiple documents visible at the same time on the screen.

-- Walt

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Thank you for all clarifications and tip with floating windows.

I don’t understand “Soft proofing changes values that are outside of the gamut”. Do you mean that Soft proofing works like relative colorimetric intent? That is Soft Proofing clips out of gamut colors?

(BTW: I found very good article explaining differences between intent types https://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/color-space-conversion.htm).

So maybe to get similar results like Soft Proofing I should convert profile (with only difference that soft proofing only simulates, but convert do it irreversibly)?

Maybe I explain what exactly I want to do. I’m preparing photos to photo-lab and downloaded ICC profile for their machine/paper. First I want to see how photos are displayed with ICC profile from photo-lab. Then make necessary adjustments to get satisfying appearance. And finally apply/convert/assign photo-lab profile to the JPG file before sending it to the lab. And of course ask photo-lab not to make any more corrections with that file.

What is the best way to do that in Affinity?

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