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Raymond Larabie

Script font overlap transparency issue

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I reported this same issue against another software. One of the beta team mentioned to group the text, then apply the transparency, worked there and works with AD as well.


A transparency group created automatically as per Adobe software and QXP would be a better solution. But until such time...

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Hi Ray (nice to see you here).


Enter your text. Use no transparency and if there is, set it back to normal & 100% opacity.


Group the text (ctrl + g).

Now set the transparency to multiply and lower the opacity.


In the screen shot below, the only difference in the live text is that the bottom instance was grouped and the top one wasn't. Both have the multiply blend mode set & 75% opacity.





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Excellent, Ray.


The person who mentioned in the beta forum I am involved in said he merely happened across that "fix" for the other application. This needs fixed, but I am happy enough with this work-around for now.



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Setting a very small stroke on the text (0.1px) seems to cure the problem also

Setting the stroke to the same colour and using an inside stroke should not change the text in any way

You may want to see if that "fix" also works on the other beta software you are involved with

Due to the fact that Boris Johnson is now our Prime Minister, punctuation, spelling and grammar will never be worried about ever again.  We now have far bigger problems to be worried about.

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