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Live Filter and Mask Layer Thumbnails

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Affinity Photo 1.6.7 Live Filter Layer thumbnails and Mask Layer thumbnails in the layers panel remain white at all times and don't reflect changes to the mask (inverting the mask, painting areas in or out, etc.). However, adding any new layer causes the previous layer's thumbnail to display properly with the alpha correctly represented. 


Adjustment Layer thumbnails still behave as they should, when they should. This is only a problem with the thumbnails of Live Filter Layers and Mask Layers.





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I guess I should add some screenshots to clarify what I'm trying to explain:


1. I added an exaggerated Live Unsharp Mask Filter.

2. I inverted the Live Unsharp Mask Filter. The effect is gone from the photo but there is no change to the thumbnail.

3. I painted the effect back on to the aircraft with a white paintbrush. No change to the thumbnail.

4. I added an HSL adjustment layer and now the Live Unsharp Mask Filter thumbnail displays the changes I made to the mask.


Mask layers added to pixel layers show the same behaviour.

Live USM.jpeg

Live USM Inverted.jpeg

Live USM Localized.jpeg

New Layer.jpeg

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This is what I'm seeing:


1. I duplicated my base layer, added a destructive Unsharp Mask filter, then added a Mask Layer.

2. I inverted my mask layer. The thumbnail of the pixel layer turns dark but the mask layer thumbnail stays white.

3. I painted the mask layer with white to only let the effect show on the aircraft. Again, the pixel layer thumbnail changes but the mask layer thumbnail stays white.

4. I added a levels adjustment and the mask layer thumbnail finally shows the changes I made to the mask.


Is this what you are seeing?



USM Filter White Mask Layer.jpeg

Inverted Mask Layer.jpeg

Localized USM.jpeg

New Levels Layer.jpeg

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This is a known issue when a mask is made a child of a pixel layer. Adding a new layer refreshes the panel causing it to redraw. Also it should update ok if they are dragged out on to separate layers


I shall update our report



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The problem also sometimes occurs with copys of pixel layers .... In my case the thumbnails remain black (same with above described mask layers that stay bnlack as well)

just FYI

Cheers, TImo

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