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Designer: What about Shift key?

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After decades using Adobe suit, I am having troubles to use Shift Key while scaling.


I'm used to press Shift while dragging the corner with mouse to keep proportions.


But in Designer it appears to work in different ways. While dragging one single object it does works. But when scaling multiple objects it does not. And I have to loose the Shift Key to scale keeping proportion.


Is there a reason for that?

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Sorry I can't remember if this is how to solve your problem but if I remember correctly try the Preferences/Tools/ Move Tool Aspect Constrain. You have three choices and I'm guessing that you have the automatic one selected but you want one of the other two.


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The default behaviour is for an object with a natural aspect ratio (e.g. a photograph) to maintain that aspect ratio when you drag on a corner handle to resize it, whereas objects which don't have a natural aspect ratio (e.g. an object drawn with one of the Shape Tools, or a multiple selection of photos) don't maintain their aspect ratio unless you hold down the Shift key while dragging. As @Hokusai has indicated, you need to change the 'Move Tool Aspect Constrain' setting under Preferences.


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