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Path operation automation

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I recently discovered that Affinity Designer will copy paths to the clipboard as SVG Documents, so I decided to use it for some simple automation.


I wrote a simple python script to simplify SVG paths: https://gist.github.com/NickBeeuwsaert/004851e7f7571b288f3c


And here is a example of it in action:






Copy path with Command+V


execute on command line:


$ pbpaste | python svg_simplify.py | pbcopy


And then paste back into Affinity Designer:




I just thought it might be a cool tip for anyone who uses SVG optimization tools for web development...


I'd like to set up a Automator script to streamline it but Automator is acting up for me today :/


Also: If you have imagemagick and potrace installed (usually via brew), you can rasterize a image from AFD using this (after copying the image from AFD) using:


$ pbpaste | convert svg:- pnm:- | potrace -s - -o - | pbcopy


(P.S. I hope this is the right area of the forum to post...)

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