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I would love to see an option to optimise Affinity Designer’s files. What I have in mind is a way, once you have finished your composition to reduce the image size to match their use.


You would need a few options to reduce the file without losing actual useful data. Depending on what you need you can define that the file images need to be downsized to 1x or 2x, that the images should be cropped to their visible portion or left to their full size, etc.


I think this would be really helpful to avoid archiving huge files when you have a mostly vector file but with a few cropped images.

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@Fixx I doubt that Affinity uses mipmaps. It seems to me that they resample the embedded images on display. They might cache the computed versions but I don’t think that they store it in the file.


The best exemple I can think of is the way Affinity Designer shrinks PSD files with smart-objects.

Since AD doesn’t support smart objects (yet) you only get the flattened images at the document resolution.


This means that a 500 Mo PSD file with lot of embedded images can be reduced to a 20 Mo Affinity Designer file.


Now, this is obviously not an ideal solution for a web or an app design since you won't be able to export elements at 2x or 3x resolution anymore, but if you are doing print design and the original file is at 300 dpi you would get the smallest usable file for your archives.


What do you think ?


PS. I know that nowadays storage capacity isn't as critical as before and that SSD capacity is rapidly increasing while the prices are dropping but never forget that there are still places where internet sucks and smaller files can make a difference. And anyway it is always better to cleanup your files :)

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