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Problem with text copy and paste in Affinity Designer

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I use Affinity Designer on Mac OS 10.12.6.

I found copying and pasting text from Affinity Designer to other applications work on office apps such as Pages, Numbers and TextEdit, BUT it doesn't work on any web browsers, Adobe apps, coding apps, etc.  I have to always copy and paste the text to TextEdit first, and then, to other apps I mostly use. 

I thought it's kind of minor bugs to be fixed soon with future updates, but after using Affinity Designer over a year and I still have this problem and getting tired of it :(

Is anyone experiencing or aware of this?

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Hi kokichi


Do you have any clipboard managers installed at all? I've been able to copy and paste text from designer to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Safari, Chrome and xcode and they all paste fine into those apps



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Thank you for the info, Chris, 

I'm not running a clipboard app, but my initial post needed more explanation. 
It works when I use the Move Tool (V) to copy, but a block of text (has multiple lines) would split into single lines when I paste it into Adobe Illustrator file, and it makes hard to edit there. That's why I use Type Tool (T) to select all text, copy and paste it.  The problem is that when I try to paste it into a text block on the Illustrator file, it becomes blank.  It looks like I have to paste it into a TextEdit, then copy and paste it into the Illustrator.


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