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[BUG/Question] Editing RAW photos with Mac Photos.app extension "Edit with Affinity Photo" and saving back to Photos.app corrupts image

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Affinity v. 1.6.6

Mac OS 10.13.3

Nikon D3300 (.NEF files)


After editing a RAW file using "Edit in Affinity Photo" in Photos.app, closing the image in Affinity photo, and returning to Mac Photos.app, the image that Affinity saves to Photos.app is corrupted. 

The end result looks corrupted. The black point appears boosted, noise reduction thrown out, exposure totally off - really quite terrible and NOT the edits that I made. See the images attached for details. 


This RAW editing feature using "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension was definitely working back when I was trying the Trial about a month ago, and was one of the reasons I decided to purchase a copy of Affinity.


Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is this a known issue?


Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.00.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.00.23 PM.png

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Hi ekeen4,

Has this happened to more than 1 image? Are you able to use QuickTime to do a screen recording showing the process you are taking please? Also if you could attach the source RAW that would be useful!



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Hi Sean,


Yes, this will occur with every RAW file I use. However, I noticed that JPEG seems to be OK. 


Sure thing! I have attached the screen recording and the source RAW file. 


Hope it helps. Let me know if any other information or steps are needed, will be happy to provide. 





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8 minutes ago, owenr said:

AP sends a JPEG, which is an 8 bpc format, back to Apple Photos when the AP document is saved and closed.

If the AP document that is saved and closed is 8 bpc or 16 bpc, then its pixel values are already gamma encoded and the JPEG that is created and returned to Apple Photos contains a gamma encoded image.

If the AP document that is saved and closed is 32 bpc, as your video shows yours to be, then its pixel values are in a linear colour space and, therefore, AP should gamma encode these values before creating the JPEG that's returned to Apple Photos. Unfortunately, it appears that AP is neglecting (a bug, in my opinion) to do the gamma encoding, hence the image returned to Apple Photos looks darker than it should.


To get a correct looking (i.e. gamma encoded) JPEG returned to Apple Photos, make sure the AP document is 8 or 16 bpc when saved and closed.

The Develop Assistant lets you choose 16 bpc or 32 bpc for the image that the Develop persona creates from a raw file and passes to the Photo persona.

According to your video, yours is set to 32 bpc, so either set it to 16 or remember to manually convert 32 bpc AP docs to 16 or 8 before saving and closing.





Thank you! That fixed it for me.:D I did a quick search online to see if there was anything on manually converting 32 bpc to 16 or 8 but couldn't come up with anything. Is there a function in AP that can perform this 32->16 conversion?

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