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Create a Height Map in Affinity Designer[Pixel Persona] and Generate a Terrain in Blender[Update:Video Added on 26th February,Blender Source File and an Exercise added on 27th February 2018]

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The screen shot shows a roughly created height map in Affinity Designer's Pixel Persona[Pixel_Persona.png.16cac86d020786cbdf17cf7161f50b09.png] using the Paint Brush tool[5a93786b243a8_Brush_Tool_In_Affinity_DesignerPixelPersona.png.14031a8484c17b6bfb7c8a7ea929ecf8.png] and using grey scale values[Grey_Scale_Values.png.8b4f658db5a3b981a24a674084cdf003.png] and how it is used in generating a 3D Terrain in Blender by applying this height map Image as a 'Displace'[Displace_Modifer.png.c027c2cb259d3cb93a3292d1d9271868.pngmodifier on a Grid [Grid_Button_from_Add_Primitive_Dropdown.png.25586a8887b609df4e451f0f4ac19b38.png]Mesh Surface. For smoothness, i have applied a 'Subdivision Surface'[Subdivision_Surface_Modifier.png.e3a4769b5532138529dbaf0b00a54ddc.png] modifier. Modifiers in 3D Modelling tools help modify an object's geometry. They can be accessed in the Tabs on the right side[Tabs_in_Blender.png.8eeb48a56f4c6f2f044d375bbe2be8bd.png] and have a 'wrench icon'[Modifier_Icon.png.a3dec96cb2c6099b1b568cca2e317e08.png] . Just click the 'Add Modifier'[Add_Modifier_DropDown.png.a50e3efcf14bc93dfcc39cb910dea630.png] dropdown to add the modifiers mentioned above. Notice, if you apply these modifiers by clicking the 'apply' button it will apply the effect and remove the modifier from stack of modifiers applied. If you want fine tune control over these without removing them from the stack of modifiers,don't apply them.

5a936604d55bc_Modifier_Panel_With_Displace_and_SubdivisionSurfacemodifiersapplied.png.8f40842064fe0d2ae641c43a31f4e148.png[1] = Displace Modifier Added, [2] = Subdivision Surface Modifier Added


[ >>>> [Source Files]]

> affinity_designer_file_icon.png.be24cefe63ac95379c1d16c8cd67dc55.png The Height Map file in Affinity Designer has also been attached[File Name = Terrain_Height_Map.afdesign]. 


> blender_file_icon.png.36e8a1462ad97560ef0198d7a8b379d9.png The Blender Source File with the Height Map Applied has also been attached[File Name = Blender_File_with_Terrain_Created_Using_Height_map_from_Affinity_Designer.blend][Added on 27th February 2018]


[ >>>> [Video File]]

Here is a short video[around 3minutes and 26 seconds] that demonstrates the steps required:[Update: Added the Video on 26th February 2018]



Blender can be downloaded from the following link:



[ >>>> [Exercise]][Added on 27th February 2018]

As an Extra Exercise,apply these concepts by making use of Real Terrain Height Maps[that contain Real World Elevation Data] generated by the following website for your own country or city:


Just search your city or country and press the Export Button[Export_button_on_Terrain_Height_Map_generator_webiste.png.260f3176a67e04974e4bb2bf2996efc6.png] to export a zip file that contains the height maps for the searched area. Extract the zip file and apply it to your own blender files. Notice how the grey scale values are used based on Real World Elevation data.

Here is a sample of a terrain i generated using the Height Maps generated by this website:



Happy Learning :)


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