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I drew the design in designer as vector. Then added a few pixel layers so I could "paint" in some texture.

Grouped all the vectors and then did a selection from layer. Invert selection.

Went to each of my pixel layers and hit delete to get rid of the overspray.

But no matter what I try - editing in photo (from file menu), using the eraser brush (both programs), or hitting delete, I can't get rid of these weird pixels in the background.

So I saved as PSD and took it into another program and that program does not show these pixels! 

Are they really there or not? I can't print this as it is way to big for a home printer.

And if they are there, how the bleep do I get rid of them? 

If they aren't really there, then why am I seeing them?

I need to be in Designer and add text to finish off the design. I guess I could finish it and then export as PSD again and take into another program and resave it out from there as the PNG that I need for final submission.

Driving myself nuts today with this.


BTW I love how I can go back and forth between Designer and Photo with the file menu. That was very slick.




no pixels.png

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