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How to resize a photo on iPad?

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OK, I've used Photoshop and GIMP on Mac for years and years, but I cannot figure out how to resize a photo in Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 12.9".


The closest I could come was the Transform tool on the right size border of the screen. It brings up a panel with Dimensions like Width & Height but they're all set to zeroes. It seems to me it should show the current dimensions when it comes up.


Nothing on the panel seems to do anything related to image resizing/scaling?


I tried pinching the image and it pinches the size, but nothing happens on the panel. I think it is just changing the zoom level of the image view.


I tried tapping on the relevant controls in the Transform box and nothing happens. Like Width or Height (both show zeroes?). The lock (to lock the image ratio) does work. But since I can't resize the picture, that does me no good.


I'm stumped. I'm sure this is really a stupid question, but this is the whole reason I bought Affinity Photo for iOS.


I see tutorials for all these amazing features (that I don't need) but nothing for something so basic as this.


I looked at the tutorials, and none seem to even mention this. I would think resizing a picture would be the #1 thing people want to do. Maybe it's just me?


Thanks in advance!




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