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Confusing iPad interface

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Is it just me, or do others find the iPad version and its interface confusing, compared with the desktop version?


There doesn’t always seem to be enough visual feedback, such as a visible brush circle, and perhaps sometimes that’s because there isn’t a brush selected or the wrong kind of layer is being used. If the user doesn’t know this, a lot of trial and error “work” is needed to fix things - or not!


Some form of status panel could be very helpful, together with better feedback on the photo being edited.

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Hi Dave2017,


I'm probably not the best person to give feedback on this, mainly because i've been using the iPad version of Affinity for a long time now, i'm used the UI and layout.


However, please do post any suggestions in the Feature Requests section here 




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Hi stokerg,


Do do you use, or try to use, the more advanced features, such as Live Filters as mentioned near the end of this great video from James Ritson? That’s the kind of thing I’m trying to do. I think the interface for the iPad version is sufficiently different to be confusing or obscure - and right now my MBP is in for repair so I’m having to use the iPad Pro..




Watch how the “painting’ with the Unsharp Mask filter “brush’ works on the black and white houses - brilliant.


Or this one on Quick Masks - https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLjZ7Y0kROWitLXsh6z4Z3qBYCS6xoIXHN&v=0FLRYlXu6O8


I think James has been doing a whole bunch more for the iPad recently - 




Or this video (not one from James) which which shows how to set up Live Filters in the iPad version?


Anyway - thanks for showing interest.




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I've now regained the use of my MacBook Pro, so can now do more comparisons. Some features of the iPad interface seem easier/better than the desktop version. I am now getting to like the way that parameters can be adjusted by moving fingers left/right over the screen in the iPad version, though sometimes this can lead to "conflicts".

Some features of the desktop version are hidden away - unless one knows where/how to look for them. For example, the scopes which are available under the Studio menu. In the iPad version the scopes are accessible via the icon which looks like a camer on the RHS.

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