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Cosmin Eugen

Unhandled exception Affinity Designer (split)

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HI Cosmin Eugen


Does this happen with a brand new document or just a jpeg file. Do you have a lot of fonts installed on your system? If you run the app with ctrl held and clear all the options in the dialog that appears, does it allow you to continue?



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I bought the windows version yesterday of Designer and while drawing with the brush tool the program stopped responded and shut down.  Now every time I start it I get the same error as Cosmin.


Is there a way to start Designer in "safe mode" or something to clear the error?   My Mac version has never crashed.

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Did you try the workaround that Chris_K mentioned just above (starting the app with the ctrl key held down, and clearing all the options in the dialog you'll get)?

-- Walt

Windows 10 Home, version 1909 (183623.476), 16GB memory, Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00Gz, GeForce GTX 970
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I 've got the same problem (for 2 weeks now) with Affinity Photo and Designer  on Windows 10 at work (company licences).

I'm not sure I had a Windows update the day before, I didn't installed anything else, and they worked fine for monthes.

The 1.6.4 versions can't start too.


The strange part is : sometimes, one of the applications lauch correctly when I need it in the middle of the day, but not the second one.

I tried starting them first thing after booting, and they have better chances to launch properly. (Since people had problems with fonts, perhaps Extensis Fontcase cause troubles ? ).


Twice, I was able to lauch one of the app, the error message opened behind and I didn't saw it, and I was able to work with local files, but unable to access the server (But other apps and Eplorer had access to our server).

Reseting the prefs didn't help.

I can't re-install them, since I would have to ask my IT and we have no time right now for tests and such, but I sent a lot of reports.

The "repare" option didn't help.


I never had such problems with the same apps on individual licences installed on Windows 7.


I hope you'll find a solution for different bugs on Win 10.





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