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inpainting of selection after rotate using crop tool

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based on a official video tutorial, i wanted to rotate a pixel layer by ~15 degrees and inpaint the missing edges.


  1. open a picture (canon CR2 raw in this case)
  2. select pixel layer (but crop affects all layers?)
  3. rotate by using crop tool (in develop persona, or crop tool in photo persona)
  4. rasterize
  5. Select "half transparent" pixels
  6. press alt-backspace or selet "inpainting from menu"

AFPhoto either does not finish at all after minutes, or shows irregfular results. In many cases, pixel outside the selected area will get black (or white).

Tested with AFPhoto and Beta, same results.

Issue occurs only for some pictures, after some editing (HDR stack, curve adjustment, highpass filter in this case)

Edit: Issue might be related to color format. Before starting inpainting, i copied the pixel layer and used "insert from clipboard" into a new window. Issue occured with RGB32, but did not occur after converting to RGB16.


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add RGB16/32

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