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Hi. As I progress with my knowledge in Affinity Photo, I continue to be very much in "learning mode". I continue make a lot of mistakes and often scratch my head wondering what to do next, and that's fine. That's what learning is all about. However, there are times when I have a "Eureka!" moment, and everything works out great. What I would like to see in Affinity Photo is a Notepad feature that is associated with each saved file. That way, if I noted that the mask selection needs to be ramped to 38%, I can see that in the future when I won't always remember how I achieved that particular effect. For now, I find myself going to the online tutorials on Vimeo, or (heaven forbid) making separate files in Microsoft Word. The latter, of course, can be very hard to reference when a specific is needed as opposed to a general one.


Dragging items that can provide details from the history to the notepad would also be a very handy feature. I am pretty certain that there is nothing like this feature in Adobe's products, and it would be a unique feature to Affinity Photo only.


Thanks for your consideration of such a feature.

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