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Hello, there are times that I have to convert multiple images in a specific color format and size and then save them with specific file properties saved, but once I try to record the macro to do this I get an error when I try to export them that I can't record this action.

Is there a way to do that?



Current Workstation:
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SSD: Samsung Evo 850 256GB - HDD: 2x WD Black 640GB - PSU: XFX TS450 - OS: Win10

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The macro recording in it's current state doesn't support opening/saving file operations and several other things, thus you have to see if you can combine certain macro recordable features with batch processing here. When batch processing files you can apply recorded macros to be excuted together during the processing of batch tasks.

"Δοκίμασε αν μπορείς να λειτουργιες τα macro από το batch processing".

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