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Hi! I’m evaluating Affinity Designer as a replacement for Adobe Illustrator and I’m very impressed. However, my main tool would be the vector brush and I’m a bit disappointed with it.

I find that Affinity’s vector brush re-interprets my strokes too much. I draw a curve and the resulting stroke gets transformed: it ends up being a bit too flat or a bit too curvy, a bit off. Is there a way to control the brush tool tolerance? 

In Adobe Illustrator, I can control brush fidelity and smoothness (see screenshot). I would say Affinity Designer’s tool would compare to Illustrator’s brush options set at 5 pixels / 5 %. I prefer setting it at 1 pixel / 1% for higher fidelity. Can something like this be done?

(Please note that this doesn’t apply to the pixel brush (Pixel Persona), which follows my strokes precisely.)


Capture d’écran 2018-02-19 à 14.23.02.png

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Hi Simon bd,


Welcome to the forums :)


At the moment this isn't possible in Affinity however this issue has been raised in the past and its something we would like to add in the future!



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