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Now on Skillshare here: http://skl.sh/2GjWV8q


Note: I have renamed this class. It was "Create a Space-Themed Illustration".


This class covers a range of easy to master skills, from cooking, to 3D rendering, to digital painting.


Part 1 – The Pancake Moon

In Part 1 of the class, you will learn how to:

  • make pancakes in your kitchen
  • using Affinity Photo, make equi-rectangular projection texture and bump maps out of the pancake's cratered surface
  • using Cheetah 3D, wrap the texture and bump maps around a sphere, and
  • render your pancake moon.

We will be using Affinity Photo to create our texture and bump maps, and Cheetah 3D to render the pancake moon.






Part 2 – Painting a Starry Nebula

With Affinity Photo, you will learn how to:

  • use shapes to create stars and simple lens flares
  • use the standard set of Affinity Photo brushes to paint star fields and a nebula
  • composite your moon with your starry nebula, and
  • fine tune the lighting of your moon.








Here is the permanent link to the class: http://skl.sh/2ooIWa9
Note: This link requires a subscription to Skillshare. Please use this link if you already have a subscription, or you are intending to sign up to Skillshare. I'm not sure what the current deal is, but Skillshare sometimes offer free access to all their classes for a limited time.
Links to other space-themed classes by the following Skillshare teachers are available from this class.
But wait, there's more...
Free Access Link: http://skl.sh/2ogF9L2
Note: This free access link is limited to the first 12 people who use it and is valid up until the 28th of February 2018. It only provides free access to this class. You may need to sign up, and it's free. It's best viewed on a desktop browser or tablet.
I hope you enjoy the class.
Disclaimer: I have no affiliations with Serif nor Cheetah 3D. This is not an official Serif nor Cheetah 3D class. Permission was obtained for using the Affinity Photo and Cheetah 3D logos for the purpose of class promotion.


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On 2/20/2018 at 11:19 AM, BobsDaubs said:

Thanks for the links to the class. I got signed up for the free one. It looks like it will be a fun class.


Thanks BobsDaubs


I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think about the class. I'm always looking for things I can improve.

Kind regards



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  • 2 years later...
17 hours ago, Engelbert said:

Your pancake for texture idea is pure gold. Thanks for the awesome tip!

Thanks Englebert

You can also photograph something like some Apple skin and turn it into a planet texture.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Pretty neat idea as well! I will definitely use that. It even has the curvature inbuilt! 

I do more painting than photography nowadays, so I usually create all my textures digitally, but you're reminding me that I need to start looking around at physical objects too. 

At the moment I'm racking my brain over a way to create nice realistic looking cloud patterns for planets, without having to limit myself to photos from NASA or rendering complex 3D smoke or fluid dynamics. They can take lots of time to paint and it's hard to come up with the predictable yet random patterns that nature manages so easily. So if you now of any vegetable or bread that looks somewhat like a cloudy planet shot by an astronaut, I'm all ears.

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