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Affinity Designer 1.6 keeps crashing on High Sierra

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My Affinity Designer keeps crashing on opening PDF files and possibly other files that open with a modal asking for questions first. This is happening since last week with the same files that opened just fine before. I've tried different files but they all make Designer crash.


Designer also crashes when I try to export a file and save as an SVG for example. Again, as soon as the "modal" shows, the software crashes.


What I've tried:

- Uninstall Affinity Designer using AppCleaner, so making sure all associated files are gone, and reinstall from the App store

- Launch Designer holding the ctrl key and clear everything, all the boxes were ticked

- Open and save different files and file types


I've added two crash logs, 1 for opening a pdf file and one for trying to export.


I haven't added a file since I tried opening and export a myriad of files both new and a couple years old and they all have the same result.


Hope you can help, because Designer is a bit useless to me now since I mostly use it for web-development (opening and exporting vector files):

- To export optimized SVG files for the web

- To open PDF web-designs to get all font-sizes, line-height, opacity etc. 


Thanks in advance!



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Hi robinpoort,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Can you please install the latest Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.6.1 - Beta 5) and check if you still have trouble/report back. At least one of the crashes should have been fixed in the Beta (you must keep the retail version installed to run the beta). Thanks.

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